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TV video-clips

We know that these clips mostly focus on the negative aspects of black people's lives in Birmingham - but that's what interested the TV companies.


Interviews about Smethwick Corporation's plan to buy up houses in Marshall Street and rent them to white tenants only, 1964

Malcolm X visits Smethwick, 1965 (no sound)

Interview with the wife of a Smethwick Councillor who has fostered a black baby, 1965

Report on protests by local residents in Rowley Regis after a black family buys a house on the same estate, 1965

Report on burning cross in Albert Road, Handsworth, 1965

Interview with Maurice Ludmer of the Co-ordinating Committee Against Racial Discrimination, 1965

Street interviews about 'coloured police officers', 1966

Report about an alleged 'colour bar' strike at Metal Closures Ltd in West Bromwich, 1967

Interview with shop steward about Asian colour bar dispute at Smethwick firm, 1968

Interviews with black and Asian people on the street about the new Race Relations Act, 1968

Pickets at West Bromwich factory after 80 Asian workers sacked, 1969


Report on meeting of West Indian delegates in Handsworth to discuss unity and the need for black representatives in Parliament, 1972

From TV report about unemployment amongst black people in Handsworth, 1973

Handsworth unemployment - three years later, 1976

Winson Green anti-National-Front demo, May 1976 (no sound)

From ATV programme 'Here to Stay', 1978 - the full programme is here.

Sikh Games, Hadley Stadium, 1979

Report on issues influencing black voters, 1979

1980s and later

From 'Here and Now', Jah People, report about Rastafarians in Handsworth, 1981

Handsworth riots, September 1985

Handsworth riots 2

Handsworth riots 3

Handsworth after the riots, September 1985

Handsworth families after the riots, September 1985

Asian members of CRC resign, September 1985

Labour Black Sections 1, April 1987

Labour Black Sections 2

The black vote, June 1987

Racist attacks, September 1987

Genetic fingerprinting of Asian immigrants, May 1989

Satpal Ram: wrongful conviction case continues, November 2000